Community Building Consulting Services


Launching a community will generate new streams of revenue for your brand, but it can feel daunting.

Want some help? I'm Seth Resler, the Founder of Community Marketing Revolution, and I offer a la carte consulting. No proposals, project fees, or invoicing. Just purchase the time you need and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Let's build your brand community!

Single Consulting Session


Book a session with me to learn how you can launch and grow your community.


5 Consulting Sessions


Ready for more? Purchase five individual consulting sessions and save 10%


10 Consulting Sessions


Let's get serious! Purchase ten individual consulting sessions and save 20%.

Karen Dionne

"When I set up a consultation with Seth Resler at Community Marketing Revolution, I already had an established community and was simply looking for ways to monetize it. Seth helped me see that understanding my community—who they are, why they attend my online events, and what they hope to get out of them—and then giving them more is the key to motivating attendees to support my events financially. Seth’s insights and suggestions were amazing, and you can bet I'm going to continue working with him. What a treasure!”

—Karen Dionne, internationally bestselling author