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These days, it takes more than great content to drive conference ticket sales.

It takes community.


I'm Seth Resler.

I work with event producers who are looking to grow their revenue. More and more, conference attendees are buying tickets later and later. This makes the job of an event producer stressful: There’s less time to adapt your marketing efforts, less time to attract sponsors, and more cash flow headaches. 

I show conference producers how to solve this problem by complementing their annual in-person events with thriving year-round digital communities. This reduces their marketing costs, opens up new sponsorship opportunities, and alleviates the stress of producing events.

Let me show you how...



Learn how to launch a community for your attendees¬†‚Äď even if you haven't hosted your first event.


Cultivate your community members so when your conference returns, they're eager to attend.


Unlock steady new year-round streams of revenue, from both attendees and sponsors.

Generate Revenue with a Community

How do you transform a thriving community into a revenue-generating powerhouse? Download my free guide and unlock the revenue potential of your community today.

Meet Seth Resler:

Cultivating Event Communities


Hi, I'm Seth. My passion lies in bringing people together. For nearly three decades, I've had the privilege of producing a wide range of events, from industry conferences and music festivals to expos and competitions. What drives me is the opportunity to create spaces where people with a shared passion can meet, connect, and grow together.

Event producers like you are facing financial stress because attendees are buying tickets later and later. As early bird incentives lose their effectiveness, you're left with limited time to adjust your marketing strategies, attract sponsors, and manage your cash flow effectively.

This last-minute rush is more than just inconvenient ‚ÄĒ it's a major obstacle to your success. The pressure to fill seats quickly can leave you scrambling. The uncertainty affects your entire operation, making it harder to plan and execute successful events.

But there’s a solution, and it begins with building community. By creating a digital space for your attendees to connect and engage all year, you can reduce the risk of your conferences. Let me show you how to launch a thriving community around your conference.

Josh Miely

"Seth is a master at connecting the dots and detailing the multiple steps it takes to build the communities of like-minded individuals that your organization is targeting. And best of all, he presents in a way that is easily digestible and engaging."

‚ÄĒJosh Miely, Vice President, Content Design and Development
National Association of Broadcasters

Think Before You Launch

What should you be thinking about before you launch an online community for your event? Here are 60 questions to ask.

Connect, Engage, Grow:
The Community-Building Blueprint for Conference Producers


Event producers are under increased pressure to generate revenue, but with attendees purchasing their tickets later and later in the buying cycle, that’s getting harder and harder to do.

Many conference producers assume that their content ‚ÄĒ speakers, sessions, and showroom demos ‚ÄĒ are the driving factor in attracting attendees. But increasingly, people are going to events for connection, not just content. They want to meet new people and, even more importantly, spend quality time with people that they already know.

The solution?

Transform your event’s audience into a community.

This strategy turns attendees into active advocates for your event. You'll create a space where you can reach your attendees all year round, without having to pay for ads or pump out endless reams of digital content to get their attention.

With a community, your attendees will develop relationships with each other. So when your next conference rolls around, they can wait to attend and see their colleagues in person.

Let's Develop Your Community Launch Plan

Join me, Seth Resler, as we create a community roadmap for your event. This mini-course, featuring six videos and a downloadable workbook, will show you how to develop a strategic plan that build a community for your event attendees using virtual events, online groups, and email marketing.

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How does building a year-round community grow ticket sales?

Building a community for your attendees fosters connections between them. These relationships drive ticket sales, as your attendees grow eager to meet with the colleagues they've met online.

It also provides you with an opportunity to engage directly with your attendees before you create your conference agenda. With their input, you can design a program that they'll be sure to attend.

Revenue Graph

How does a community boost sponsorship revenue?

A digital community provides opportunities for your clients to engage with your attendees throughout the entire year. This creates new ways for your sponsors to have one-on-one conversations with your attendees and attract new customers.

How is my community building approach different?

There are two key differentiators that set my approach apart from other community building resources.

First, while most resources focus on managing existing communities, I specialize in implementing a proven method for launching communities from scratch.

Second, my expertise lies exclusively in event production, drawing from my extensive 30-year experience working on a wide range of events, from conferences to concert festivals to competitions. I bring my wealth of knowledge and expertise to benefit you.



Seth Resler

Your Community Building Journey:

Virtual Event

1. Social Workshops

First, host short, interactive online workshops where your attendees can connect with one another. This lays the groundwork for engagement between community members.

Online Group

2. Online Groups

As your virtual events grow, invite your community members to continue their conversations in an online group, such as a Facebook group or Slack channel. Here, they will deepen their relationships with one another.

In-Person Event

3. In-Person Events

When your online group is thriving, leverage it to drive ticket and sponsorships sales for your conference.

Learn to Use Virtual Events to Launch Your Community

Virtual events are the easiest way to launch and grow a community. Take my challenge, and you'll master the art of hosting successful virtual events in just three weeks!

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Karen Dionne

"Seth’s insights and suggestions were amazing, and you can bet I'm going to continue working with him. What a treasure!"

--Karen Dionne, internationally bestselling author

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