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Host a Virtual Event For Your Community

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Host a dynamic, engaging virtual gathering that not only brings your community together but also fosters meaningful connections. Best of all, I'll handle the entire production so you can relax and enjoy yourself:

  • An Interactive Social Workshop: Dive into an immersive event on the Remo platform, designed to spark conversations and build relationships within your community.
  • Customized Registration: Capture essential information from attendees with a tailored registration form, ensuring a personalized experience for every participant.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Unlock potential sponsorship avenues, adding value for your partners while enhancing the event experience for your attendees.

Let's create memorable moments for your community!

(Up to 2 hours and 100 attendees. For more, please contact us.)

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Josh Miely
"Seth's expertise in virtual event management has revolutionized my community engagement. Through his guidance, I've seamlessly connected with entertainers within my network from across the country. Virtual events, produced by Seth, have provided accessible platforms for enriching discussions and valuable knowledge-sharing opportunities."

—Mike Geeter, Executive Producer of the Traverse City Comedy Festival